Executive Presence for Women: Your Leadership Edge

Executive Presence for Women: Your Leadership Edge

Quickly Build Credibility, Trust and Respect | Instructor Kimberley J. Richardson

Course description

Current Challenges:

Today’s business world has become intensely competitive. Women who wish to build their brand, develop strong client relationships or leverage their business strategy, must develop skills that will help them stand out. In order to do so, they must know what it takes to cultivate respect, enhance credibility and strengthen relationships. We believe it all begins with executive presence.

Course description:

Everyone has met someone with presence - that elusive quality that seems to inspire that " follow you anywhere" loyalty. These people radiate authenticity and in turn, inspire everyone around them. When they speak, people listen. They are engaging, credible and confident and they make everyone they meet feel comfortable and at ease. Because they connect easily with others, people like them, trust them and are eager to do business with them. They are genuine people who have values to follow that inspire others to emulate them. These are the qualities that both your firm and your clients are looking for and they're the qualities that will enhance your personal power and ability to influence others.

Learner outcomes:

In this unique, content-rich online course, you will discover valuable skills, tools and strategies that will help you stand out. You will learn how to cultivate respect, establish instant credibility and brand yourself in a way that is aligned with who you really are. At the end of this course, you will have the business savvy and knowledge that will increase your visibility, enhance your sphere of influence and improve your results. All of these assets add up to greater self-confidence, genuine relationships and extraordinary success. Are you ready to take yourself and your business, to the next level?

Who is this course for?
Women - regardless of tenure, who would like to reach their full potential and achieve a leadership edge.

Testimonials: ( From live events, training sessions, coaching programs and seminars.)*

Here's what our previous clients have said about us and our courses:

"This is one of the best courses the Institute has offered. I hope they continue to offer it in the future." ~Certified Professional Accountants of Ontario - CPAO - Course Participant

"Very engaging throughout the day: lots of practical information presented in a fun way; loved the interactive style. Kimberley's presentation style is amazing."

"Kimberley – awesome presentation – you are charismatic and a delight to listen to – great information that can easily be applied.”

"Kimberley is an excellent speaker and story teller and can really hold a room's attention. It was a joy to listen to her."

"I enjoyed the entire course. I was able to learn more about myself and others. I appreciated how 'real' Kimberley was and I loved her stories."

"Kimberley is very inspirational and a great speaker. Very touching and brings one back to what is important.”

"Kimberley did a good job presenting the material and relating to us. She spoke from a place of expertise and seemed to embody all of the strengths discussed in the workshop (ie. credibility, trust, leadership.)"~ Course Participant - Canadian Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPAO)

"Kimberley really touched my soul. Excellent work - thank you so much!"

'Best soft skills course I’ve attended.'

"Very engaging throughout the day: lots of practical information presented in a fun way; loved the interactive style. Kimberley's presentation style is amazing."

"Every accountant alive should take this course."

"My expectations were exceeded! It's the best training I have ever attended! Very interactive and kept my attention from beginning to end. We did indeed learn, work and think a lot!"

*Disclaimer: these testimonials are from participants of our live events.

Partial Client list:


Kimberley J. Richardson
Kimberley J. Richardson
Executive Coach

Kimberley is the President and Co-founder of Imagemakers International, a Toronto-based leadership development company that specializes in the creation of genuine leaders.

Formerly one of Xerox Canada and Oracle Corporations’ top sales executives, she has appeared on national television and in a variety of media outlets. Throughout her 20 year coaching career, her audiences have described her as ‘enlightening’, ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘life -changing’.

And perhaps that is why she has been hired by some of North America’s largest and fastest growing companies. Her client list includes companies such as Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, (CPAO), Canadian Payroll Association,  Ernst and Young LLP, Grant Thornton, Oracle Canada, Sandals and Beaches Resorts and Universal Music.

In her on-site seminars and executive coaching programs, she will give you the tools that will help you ignite your potential and become the person and leader, others are inspired to emulate.

Any questions, please TEXT or CALL me at: 647-501-2421 OR via email at: krichardson@imagemakersintl.com

Course Curriculum

Executive Presence for Women - Your Leadership Edge
Welcome Video - Kimberley Richardson FREE PREVIEW
Course Intro: FREE PREVIEW
Video 1: Intro To Executive Presence FREE PREVIEW
PDF: Intro to Executive Presence FREE PREVIEW
Video 2: Executive Presence Defined FREE PREVIEW
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Module 1. Be Genuine - Be Yourself
Module 1 Outline
PDF: Be Genuine Be Yourself
Video 1: Be Genuine: Be Yourself
Video 2: Who are You, Really?
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Module 2. Live and Lead with Compassion and Respect
Module 2 Outline
PDF: Step 2 - Lead with Compassion & Respect
Video 1: Lead with Compassion & Respect
Video 2: Respect & Compassion in Action
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Module 3. Communicate with Impact
Module 3 Outline
PDF: Part 1: Communicate with Impact
Video 1: Communicate with Impact - Part 1
Video 2: Communicate with Impact
PDF: Part 2: Enhance your Vocal Image
Video 3: Enhance your Vocal Image
Video 4: Tips to Enhance your Vocal Image
Video 5: Vocal Credibility Robbers
PDF: Part 3: Become an Active Listener
Video 6: Become an Active Listener
PDF: Tips on Becoming an Active Listener
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Module 4. Manage First Impressions
Module 4 Outline
Manage first Impressions
Video 1: Intro to Managing First Impressions
Video 2:Tips on Managing First Impressions - Part 1
Video 3: Tips on Managing First Impressions - Part 2
Video 4: Tips on Managing First Impressions - Part 3
Video 5: Creating a Success Strategy
PDF: 4 Styles of Dressing
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Module 5. Marketing 'You' Inc.
Module 5 Outline
PDF: Marketing "You" Inc.
Video 1: Creating your 30 Second Commercial
Video 2: Enhancing Face to Face Meetings
Video 3: Asking for and Obtaining Referrals
Video 4: Building your Network
Video 5: Optimizing LinkedIn
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Module 6. Working a Room
Module 6 Outline
Step 6: How to Work a Room
Video 1: How to Work a Room
Video 2: Conversation Tips/Building Rapport
Video 3: Remembering People's Names
Video 4: Making Introductions/Exchanging Business Cards
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Module 7. Be Personally Accountable
Module 7 Outline
PDF: Part 1 - Intro to Personal Accountability
Video 1: Intro to Personal Accountability
Video 2 : Accountability defined
PDF: Part 2: Accountability in Action
PDF: Part 2: Accountability Flowchart
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Module 8. Strive for Balance
Module 8 Outline
PDF: Strive for Balance
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Bonus: Module 9. Develop Business Etiquette and Protocol
Bonus Module: Business Etiquette Tips
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Bonus: Module 10. Dine Like a Diplomat
PDF: Bonus Module: Dine like a Diplomat
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Wrap-up and Summary
Wrap up and Summary
Wrap-up and Summary
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